Hello there.


SmallSquareI’m a PhD candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government studying behavioral¬†and environmental economics in the Public Policy program. I work with Todd Rogers, Joe Aldy and Rob Stavins to better understand how consumers use information to form opinions and make decisions related to climate change and energy efficiency.

I design experiments to help better understand human behavior. I teach Harvard students about the beauty, power and shortfalls of economics. And in my spare time, I help people personally connect to this issue of climate change with the organization I co-founded, DearTomorrow.

I play the cello and the mandolin. I like to climb rocks and walls. I love to dance, especially with my husband. I love to be outside, ideally surrounded by more nature than concrete.

For my “official” Harvard scholar website, please go to scholar.harvard.edu/trishashrum.

One thought on “Hello there.

  1. Hi Trisha, I was glad to come across you and find that you’re proceeding to a doctorate. In my class you were better than the doctoral student(s). However, I’m sorry to find that you’ve given up a promising career as a stunt woman. Best,

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